Relationship between the main characters of the drama You Could Have Waited

Relationship between the main characters of the drama You Could Have Waited​ - ein Englisch Referat

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In the following text I am going to explain the relationship between the main characters of the drama “You Could Have Waited” written by Charlotte Keatley by means (=anhand) of their behaviour, conversation and experiences.

At first I will summarize the dialogue. The scene from the drama that I revise (=bearbeiten)now is about a generation cap (=Generationskonflikt) between mother and daughter.

Margaret’s daughter Jackie has made her first sexual experience. For her it is no peculiarity, but her mother is shocked and is worried about Jackie’s situation and in the end of the scene she tells the reader a very important memory. So two totally different views and ways of thinking (=Denkweisen) clash together (=fig. zusammenprallen).

a) Now I will start to show that the conversation reflects the relationship and the differences between Margaret and Jackie by analysing line 31-34 on page 12. In this part of the dialogue Margaret explains her daughter that she had to wait for the first sexual intercourse and because of this reason she wanted her daughter to wait, too.

At first sight the reader the short and sentences, which the characters use, are very conspicuous and grammatically incomplete.

You can infer from this way of talking, that they do not want to explain their opinion and thinking. Jackie asks Margaret about an explanation for her point of view, but in reality she does not hear the answer. Therefore (=folglich) she rests content with (=sich zufrieden geben mit) a short answer (Line 33: “I had to”.) and goes away (Line 34:”Gets up and goes into the house.”). In fact the reader gets the impression that Margaret wants to talk with Jackie (Line 19:”Well if you’d come to me and said-“), but in the moment Jackie asks her to explain her opinion, she just says three words. That shows, that Margaret has no real argument for her reproach.

When Margaret says that Jackie could have waited for her first sexual intercourse, Jackie asks her mother for the reasons of this remark (Line 32:” Why?”). In all probability Jackie and Margaret have never talked a lot about their experiences and feelings. So they do not know much about each other. Margaret only know her own point of view and cannot put herself in Jackie’s place. Jackie also is occupied with her own world. So Margaret as well as Jackie transfers her own situation on the other one and sentences out of her own situation and conception of life (=Weltbild).

The extract also shows, that Jackie and Margaret are two totally different personalities. Jackie is a typical teenager. She is a little bit fresh (Line 34:” That‘ it, isn’t it?”) and of course she has not much life experience. Besides she does not want to talk with her mother about her problems. In all probability she discuses her intimate feelings with her friends. Margaret has an opposite character. She is a worried and very curious mother who get on her daughter’s nerves by giving advices and reproaching her.

All in all the part of the relationship between Margaret and Jackie is superficial, because their lifes and personalities are of a wide variety (=sehr verschieden sein).

b) Now I will analyse the significance of Margaret’s memories, that she tells the reader in the form of (=in Form von) a monologue at the end of the scene. The monologue is about an affair, that Margaret had ten years ago, although she has been married.

At first I am wondering because Margaret tells unusual facts about the date with her admirer: “I’d never eaten oysters before” (line39/40).” She says nothing about his looking, his character or his philosophy of life (=Lebensauffassung). This conspicuous sentence makes clear, that Margaret did not love her admirer at all, but there must be a special significance of the affair:

On the one hand Margaret keeps her memories secret (=geheim halten). Even her daughter does not know anything about it. But on the other hand tells it at the end of the scene. That means Margaret still thinks about her affaire and has not done (=abgeschlossen haben mit) with this period of her life (=Lebensabschnitt).

Although nobody is listening to Margaret she begins to tell. Maybe that is a relief (=Erleichterung) for her and helps her to digest (=verarbeiten) her affair.

Either she still thinks about it because she has twinges of conscience and is not able to put her mistake right. Or the affaire was new, exciting and adventurous for Margaget. It maybe gave her the possibility to escape from her everyday life as married woman and mother.

In my opinion it is peculiar that Margaret talks about her affair just after she has discussed about sex and love with her daughter. For Margaret her affair is connected with (=im Zusammenhang stehen mit) Jackie’s first sexual experiences. Margaret applies her own situation to Jackie. She knows, that Jackie is young and inexperienced relating to (=bezüglich) love. For example in line 28: “You’ve no idea.” Therefore Margaret is afraid that her daughter could make mistakes out of love or emotion (=Gefühlsregung) like she did ten years ago. From experience (=aus eigener Erfahrung) she knows that the hormones of fortune and love confuse and make you do (=verleiten) something that you wouldn’t do normally. Margaret wants Jackie to think carefully about sleeping with a partner. To cut a long story short (=kurzgesagt) Margaret worries about Jackie, but forgets at the same time, that Jackie is in a completely different situation.

I take the view that (= der Meinung sein, dass) the scene is very interesting, because there are many possibilities of interpreting.

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